Survivor is on the air: a hut caught fire, a player was caught with a cell phone and they left the council (VIDEO)

"Carnage" on Survivor All Star as the fire that breaks out in the cabin of the blues is followed by an episodic council.

Screenshot 2023 01 31 at 9.00.28 AM

Rapid developments are expected in Survivor All Star as an event shakes up the SKAI survival reality show. Initially, in the trailer for tonight's (31/1) episode, we see a fire breaking out in one of the fighters' huts.

Players are faced with situations they have never experienced before and some of them operate in a panic. Like Ilias Gotsis, who tries to put out the fire by throwing wood, resulting in its rekindling.

Then Celebrities and Fighters compete for the third immunity before going to the island council, which is episodic after the revelation of Nikos Bartzis.

The Famous player reveals that he caught a player with a cell phone in the woods and Takis Karagounias presses him to say the name. Nikos Bartzis invokes the name of Asimina Hatziandreou, who apparently also saw something.

This is followed by the outburst of "The Mercenary" who shouts: "I'm leaving now! But now!". Several players get up and leave, like Marialena Roumeliotis who applauds and ironically says "bravo, bravo". She is followed by other players of the blue team, who put another "fire" in Survivor All Star.