Survivor: The money the viewers spent to throw Rose out of the game

Triantaphyllos, Sakis, Marialena and Carolina fought hard to stay in reality

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Departure of Rose - Survivor: They fought a hard battle Rose, Sakis, Marialena and Carolina, to stay in the survival reality show.

Triadafyllou - Survivor: The money spent by the viewers

After a hard hand-to-hand battle, Triantaphyllos left the game. According to what was broadcast by ANT1's "Breakfast" show, the difference between the players was very small. As revealed on the show, there were a total of 100.000 phone calls during the voting. This translates into receipts of € 200.000, which money was distributed in turn by the providers, Acun Medya and SKAI. Rose secured over € 130.000 for his participation in the survival reality show.