The Voice: This is the big winner - The issue of the Cypriots


Stelios Ioakeim and Giorgos Zioris were the two players who reached the end and each gave their own battle. Of course, Sakis Rouvas and Kostis Maravegias did not hide their joy for their players.

Eventually, however, the young man who competed with the team of Kostis Maravegias immediately after the announcement of the result "drowned" in the arms of his teammates and slightly "shocked" said that "I will continue to do my job, to be a civil engineer, but the music will always be an important part of my life ".

The result was announced shortly before 2 am on Thursday, after four hours of continuous and full program song.

He had a song, beautiful voices, relative agony, well-edited videos, but traditionally every year the show is stolen by George Kapoutzidis.

Kostis Maravegias discreetly and with the tact he has as a presence sang, played and adored the participants. Impressive Elena Paparizou, exuberant as a presence with her gargling laughter and her crystal clear voice was the most humane in relation to her colleagues. A special moment when she sang with her candidate the songs "If you called me" and "Twelve".

Sakis Rouvas is glamorous with his daughter Anastasia not appearing but giving a "signal" that he is watching his father and of course the eccentric and special Panos Mouzourakis who can alternate sensitivity with creative and artistic "madness" in a unique way.

There were no surprises to a degree of overthrow. Unfortunately, as is almost always the case with final shows of this kind, the duration exceeded three hours, a very tedious event for viewers. For the first time, the phenomenon of the Cypriot candidates who gather many votes on the talent shows of Greek television was discussed publicly and with relative intensity and disagreement, while again the final developed slowly but steadily into a "male" case with two boys reaching five.