Coronavirus: The 4 diseases that increase the risk of serious disease

Two out of three hospitalizations due COVID-19 could have been avoided

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Two out of three hospitalizations due COVID-19 could have been avoided if patients did not suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and / or heart failure. This assessment is made by researchers from Tufts University in the USA, who investigated medical conditions that put patients at higher risk for serious illness and the need for hospitalization from COVID-19.

In particular, the research team developed a statistical model for approximately 1.000.000 patients (November 2020), which incorporated data on underlying diseases, as well as other parameters such as age, gender and ethnicity. The doctors of the Therapeutic Clinic of EKPA and the Endocrinology Department of the "Alexandra" hospital Stavroula Paschou, Theodora Psaltopoulou Georgia Kassi, Vasiliki Vassiliou and Thanos Dimopoulos, summarizing the main points of the relevant study, state that in the relevant model, due to obesity, 30% to hypertension, 26% to diabetes and 21% to heart failure.

Given that most of these conditions often coexist in the same person, the statistical model calculated hospitalizations due to combinations. Thus, it is estimated that 64% of hospitalizations could have been avoided if these four clinical conditions had been eliminated. The study, recently published in the prestigious Journal of the American Heart Association, also found that older people with diabetes, hypertension or heart failure were more likely to be hospitalized than younger people with the same condition.

However obesity affected the risk of hospitalization due COVID-19 similar in all age groups. "The pandemic COVID-19, with the help of vaccines and drugs being developed, it looks like it will be overcome in the near future. "Endocrine, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, however, will remain major public health issues," the experts emphasize.