Ladera: The "protagonists" of the summer: What to watch out for so you don't get fat

Beans with feta cheese, delicious eggplants, zucchini in the oven with plenty of onions... Oils dominate the summer months. See what you should pay attention to in order not to burden you with many calories

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Delicious green beans, "misunderstood" okra, delicious eggplants, zucchini turlou...

By the term "oily" we refer to cooked vegetables such as beans, okra, zucchini, eggplants, artichokes.

These are dishes with great nutritional value, but also with a lot of calories mainly because of it of added olive oil.

Let's remember that olive oil is an oil with a high nutritional value and a number of beneficial effects on health, however, it does not cease to be extremely caloric since it is an oil and gives 9 calories per gram.

The oily meals they offer fiber, but also important vitamins and trace elements in our diet.

They are considered the protagonists of the summer and we should not miss the opportunity to consume them.

Since the proteins they contain are of low biological value (they do not contain all the essential amino acids for the body) they should be combined with some source of animal protein such as cheese, chicken, meat to form a complete dish.

The only thing to watch out for is the amount of cooking oil you use. If you consider that a spoonful of olive oil has about 135 calories, you realize that it is not a very good idea for oily dishes to be very… oily!

Also remember to add the oil to the food at the end of cooking as this keeps its nutritional richness unchanged.

As part of a balanced diet, it is recommended to eat oils 1-2 times a week.