Global campaign for a collective effort to fight cancer

"Bridging the Gap in Cancer Care"

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For another year associations and organizations join their voices to vigorously promote the message of the Global Campaign "Close the gap in cancer care", who note that in Cyprus there is a collective effort to fight cancer at all stages of the disease.

These are the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Association, Europa Donna Cyprus, Europa Uomo Cyprus, the Christina A. Apostolou Foundation, the Karaiskaki Foundation, the Oncology Center of the Bank of Cyprus, the Pan-Cypriot Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), the One Dream One Wish Association and the Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus.

According to a joint announcement on the occasion of World Cancer Day, celebrated on February 4, 2023 marks the second year of the three-year global campaign of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) with the central slogan "Closing the Gap in Cancer Care."

"Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, but together we can turn it around. Individuals, organizations, advocates and policymakers are called to join forces to reduce disparities in care for all cancer patients, at all stages of the disease," it says.

In Cyprus, it is added, "a collective effort is being made to fight cancer in all stages of the disease. In the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation as well as in the supportive care and assistance of the patient from all social classes, regardless of gender, nationality, or religion".

According to the announcement, a necessary condition to overcome any obstacles and to achieve the elimination of inequality in the treatment of cancer was and is the creation of an expanded community of all agencies that offer care to cancer patients (institutions, associations, members of the academic community, state and state institutions etc.).

The role played by the information campaigns of the Patient Associations is of crucial importance in educating the public, for the prevention and early detection of cancer.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, the representative of all Patient Associations, Panos Ergatoudis, General Manager of the Oncology Center of the Bank of Cyprus, emphasizes that equal access to the prevention and treatment of cancer is a supreme good for all, which should not only to be preserved but also strengthened.

"At the same time, we cannot help but note the significant progress that has been achieved in Cyprus, in terms of the high level of services offered, both in prevention and treatment, as well as in the supportive care of patients with the synergy and substantial contribution of both the hospitals, as well as the Patient Associations", he concludes.

Source: KYPE