Three misunderstood foods that do good, but many avoid

The truth is that many of the foods that many people consider unhealthy are actually sources of valuable

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The truth is that many of the foods that many people consider to be unhealthy are in fact sources of valuable ingredients for the body, provided they are always consumed in moderation.

These are some misunderstood foods that we think we should avoid, when in fact, we have many reasons to consume them.

See for example three of them…

Peanut butter

It does have a lot of calories, so it should be consumed in small amounts. But do not forget that it is a source of protein, magnesium, vitamin E, potassium and antioxidants.


These are starchy carbohydrates that make you fat. But the secret is in the quantity. That is, as always, in moderation. The nutritional value of bread depends on the type of flour used in its preparation and when it is wholemeal, it is richer in iron, calcium and zinc, magnesium and fiber.


It is a source of vitamin B, iron, potassium and potassium, protein, minerals that have beneficial benefits. The sauces, the butter, the unnecessary oil and the fatty sausages that can accompany them are bad for the potatoes.