ACHNAS FOREST: The sampling test for coronavirus has started

Common Leader: "Call on all residents to come and be tested in order to limit the spread of coronavirus in the Community"

AXNA Coronavirus

The goal of the Community Council is to keep Achna free of coronavirus, said Commonwealth Nikos Vassilas to KYPE.

In his statements, Mr. Vassilas said that "the sampling test for coronavirus started at 8 in the morning and will continue until 5 in the afternoon, in an attempt to end the spread of the virus after the detection of 27 confirmed cases in the National Achna association. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the free sampling test for coronavirus through NIPD GENETICS is carried out in the Community Square, while until nine in the morning more than 100 samples were taken ".

Answering a relevant question, the Commonwealth said that "a total of 500 coronavirus tests will be performed in the Community today and tomorrow. From the information we received the confirmed cases Covid-19 in Ethnikos Achnas reached 27, a fact that worries the residents regarding the rapid spread of the coronavirus ".

He added that "the concern was evident from the arrival of citizens at the sampling point to undergo a coronavirus test. For its part, the Community Council sends daily messages to the residents of Achna to comply with all the protection measures issued by the Ministry of Health and the epidemiological team ".

At the same time, he noted, "those who go to Community Square to take a sample for a test must wear a mask and observe the two distances between them, while there are members of the Community Council, who check whether the specific measures are taken by all ».

To another question, the Commonwealth replied that "surely the Community will overcome this problem as well. That was the reason why we moved immediately and acted to carry out a sampling test so that in case of outbreaks of infection within families to be identified and isolated, with the ultimate goal of keeping the Community clean. "

Regarding the Primary School of Achna, Mr. Vassilas said that "all measures are taken there as well, while until the sampling is completed, the nursery school and the kindergarten of the Community have been closed as a precaution. "We urge all residents to come and get tested to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the Community."

Source: KYPE