AYA NAPA: Seven couples were honored with the "Tourism Ambassador" emblem (PHOTO)

Seven couples from Great Britain were honored with the emblem "Tourism Ambassador" of Ayia Napa

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In a modest ceremony that took place on Monday, September 19 at the Municipal Hall, seven couples from Great Britain were honored by the Cultural Officer of the Municipality Mrs. Maria Tofini Tsandila.

They are Terry and Anita Edwards (34 visits), David and Denise Griffiths (28 visits), Nolan and Andrea Gunn (20 visits), Eric and Jean Metcalfe (20 visits), Ian and Barbara Pinkerton (20 visits), Trevor and Anna Wallis (26 visits), Charles and Janet Escott (27 visits).

Awarding on behalf of the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettos the commemorative plaques and the emblem of the "Ambassador of Tourism" of Ayia Napa, Mrs. Tofini first thanked the British regular visitors for their multiple visits, emphasizing at the same time that their numerous visits demonstrate the great love that they care about Ayia Napa and at the same time show their countries how great a tourist destination it is and worth visiting.

He also assured that after being declared "Tourism Ambassadors" they are now considered citizens of Ayia Napa and not just visitors.

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