Ayia Napa - Sotira - Liopetri: Opponents of the creation of a superpower Municipality in Famagusta.

The councils of Ayia Napa, Sotiras and Liopetri express their reaction again for any scenario other than the exclusive union between them

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The local authorities and the councils of the Municipalities of Ayia Napa and Sotira and the council of the Community of Liopetri express their strong reaction in a new announcement for any scenario other than the merging and consequently the creation or maintenance of five local authorities in the free province. Famagusta.

This announcement:

"The public debate that took place recently for the creation of large Municipalities finds us vertically opposed as Municipalities Ayia Napa, Savior and Community Liopetriou.

Our disagreement and concerns were mainly focused on the challenges and problems that appear to exist in functionality and efficiency, with the amalgamation of the four Municipalities in the Province of Famagusta, thus creating a superpower Municipality, in contrast to the unification of the five Communities in the Province of Famagusta. The disagreements, concerns and reactions regarding creation of a superpower Municipality in the Free Province of Famagusta were expressed and recorded in public debates in which bodies and organized ensembles of the Province of Famagusta participated.

The creation large municipalities is diametrically opposed to its philosophy and general context Local Government reform as expressed through the relevant bills submitted by the Ministry of Interior itself to the Parliamentary Committee on Interior. The main reasons that the bills provided for the creation of very flexible schemes in the Local Government are among others:

    • η better service but also the direct contact of the Citizens with the authorities of the Local Self-Government for immediate solution of any problems arising from larger but flexible schemes,
    • η immediate decision making by the Municipal Council, a fact which contributes and will contribute to the reduction of bureaucracy in terms of decisions concerning development projects from both the private and the public sector
    • Η preservation of local character of the new Municipalities

The creation disproportionately large size of Municipalities will lead not to reform but to deregulation of Local Government with negative consequences in local communities since the transition from the current model of administration to something completely different creates huge business and administrative challenges. A recent example of local government reform with not so successful results is what happened in Greece.

The municipalities Ayia Napa in the upcoming years, while Savior and the Community Liopetriou, want once again to send the loud message that the consensual proposal of the three local authorities for their merger is the best solution for them, as it fully meets the conditions and criteria set based on the relevant studies conducted by the Association of Municipalities and the Ministry of Interior on the reform and between them consultation, dated 02 November 2019.

At the same time the merging will create excellent growth prospects, especially with regard to tourism, since the merged entities have single coastal front which with the appropriate infrastructure projects and investments from the private sector can be developed and contribute to the upgrading of the tourism product. This development will strengthen the position of the new Municipality on the world tourism map and will bring significant economic benefits to the merging entities. In this direction, the joint decision of the three local authorities to rename the new Municipality into Municipality of Ayia Napa, so that brand name Ayia Napa to maintain and assist in the further development of tourism, due to the perspectives mentioned above.

It is also important to emphasize that its purpose decentralization essential services from the Central State is achieved through the creation of the five Provincial Local Government Organizations. The purpose of the creation of these five organizations is the Consolidation of the services provided today by the Water Supply Councils, the Sewerage Councils as well as the Municipal Waste Utilization or Utilization Councils, with the parallel transfer of the development license (urban planning) and the building permit. District Planning Offices, Municipalities and District Administrations, respectively, in these five (5) Organizations. It also aims at exploitation synergies of scale in the costs of operation, maintenance and administration of these Organizations, and at the same time the service of the citizen in a single point, where both licenses related to the development licensing will be issued at the same time.

Due to the creation of the five District Organizations, the role of the new Municipalities should be, as mentioned above, the best service but also the direct contact with the Citizens, the immediate decision making by the Municipal Council, a fact which contributes and will contribute to the reduction of bureaucracy but also to the preservation of their local character. For this reason the number of new Municipalities is no longer such an important parameter.

The municipalities Ayia Napa, Savior and the Community Liopetriou Emphasize once again that any decision that does not involve the merging of the three Local Authorities and will involve mergers in the Free Province of Famagusta, will be a sign of disrespect for the Citizens of the three local authorities, as it will affect their future and prospects. through the promotion of other people's interests.

Finally, we consider that any additional discussion regarding the creation of any other schemes is pointless and unnecessary, as in this way two Municipalities will be created, which will ensure the functionality, the viability but also the increase of the living standard of all the inhabitants of Eleftheri. Famagusta Province through the development prospects that will be created. "