FAMAGUSTA: The names of AKEL for the Parliamentary Elections

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The parties are moving at a fast pace in parallel with the rest, and for the preparation of their ballots for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The difficulties caused by the pandemic further complicated the situation, with the parties trying to find options that would represent the wider spectrum of society.
As far as AKEL is concerned, it is still keeping its papers closed, while the way of preparing the ballot in Famagusta is also expected with interest.

The incumbent MPs Nikos Kettiros and Giannakis Gabriel seem to be claiming a place on the ballot, while from there on the whispers started for the other seats on the ballot.
The names that are heard for the compilation of the ballot paper of Famagusta are those of Chrysanthos Zanettos, George Koukoumas, Pambos Chrysostomos, Gianna Iakovou, Spyros Vassilios, Andreas Kounnis, Georgia Tsatakos and Kostas.

The possibility for the current Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, to claim a position is also open, while the participation of Thouki Thoukididis, Nikos Dimitriou Tofari and Andreas Siamarou in the internal party process should not be ruled out.