The pseudo-state opens the whole city of Famagusta – New challenge

Over a million people have visited the city of Varosia to date according to the pseudo-state's so-called "prime minister"

EU criticizes Varosha plans Erdogan wants to revive ghost town exclusive, Occupied Famagusta

According to Güneş (08.12.22), the so-called Prime Minister Unal Ustel said yesterday that after the "local government elections" they will proceed with the opening of the entire city of Varosia, reports the GTP.

In his statements at an event of the National Unity Party (UBP) in occupied Famagusta, where the party's candidates for the "local government elections" were presented, Ustel mentioned, among other things, the importance of opening up the city of Varosia.

"They told us not to open the city of Varosia, we opened it. We also made bike lanes. We opened the beach. To date, one million people have visited the city. There are also some who did not visit her. You can guess who they are. It is for this reason that we must continue our work. After the elections, we will proceed with the opening of the entire city of Varosia. By opening Varosia, we will provide our young people living in Famagusta with employment opportunities. All this, we will do together with motherland Turkey", asserted Ustel.