Municipality of Famagusta: Relocation of its offices - All information

The Municipality of Famagusta accepted a proposal of competent Ministries for relocation of its offices in Kato Polemidia

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The Municipality of Famagusta accepted a proposal from the Ministries of Interior and Finance to relocate its offices in Limassol to a specific building in Kato Polemidia, while as it states "it does not want to come into conflict with any other body or body that claims it."

A written announcement states that "the issue of relocation of the offices of the Municipality of Famagusta in Limassol, is something that concerns the Municipality since 2018. Unfortunately, the condition of the existing rented building does not allow the smooth and uninterrupted conduct of work of the Municipality, since can meet the needs of the staff, the Municipal Council but also the citizens of Famagusta ".

It is added that "the decision of the Municipal Council has always been that the offices of the Municipality remain in the core of the refugee world of the Municipality in Limassol. After successive meetings and meetings with the competent state bodies, this is the fourth attempt to relocate the Municipality to a building provided by the state. It is the minimum that the state has to settle after 47 years of refuge with the citizens of Famagusta being scattered throughout the length and breadth of Cyprus ".

According to the announcement, "the specific building in Kato Polemidia was proposed to the Municipality of Famagusta by both the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance from September 2020, ministries with which we had constant contact to resolve the issue. The Municipal Council of Famagusta decided that it will accept the specific proposal on the condition that it does not wish to come into conflict with any other body or body that claims it ".

It is also noted that the acceptance for this building was made with satisfaction since "a large mass of the refugee world of Famagusta lives in Kato Polemidia, something that gives us the opportunity to be close to the refugee world. Everyone's desire is the good cooperation and the smooth coexistence both with the Municipality of Kato Polemidia and with its citizens ".

The Municipality of Famagusta also states that "we unanimously consider any reactions and manifestations to the contrary as unfair. The marble Palace of our Municipality in Famagusta is waiting for us. "Our only hope is to return, because it seems that the refugee is always a refugee," the announcement concludes.