Kostakis Kokkinis: The Cypriot "Domazos" who left history in Anorthosis

laifis kokkinis Nea Famagusta

Kostakis Andreou-Kokkinis was a star of the 1960s, with a significant contribution to the success of Anorthosis when he won the titles. He was also described as an excellent wild card as a Domazo of Cyprus - he had an admirable accuracy ball and scored many goals with a direct foul. With the number 10 on his back, he was the team's chief midfielder with rich football talent, excellent technique and a nice dribbler.

From a young age, K. Kokkinis seemed to reach high. Anorthosis located him at the age of 15 while playing for AEK Famagusta and after playing for a year in the youth team in 1959 he became established in the first team. He had the good fortune to play close to his idols, the famous players of the time A. Kara, Thomas, Andi, K. Pieris, Siali, Asprou, Zaggylos, Papyrus, P. Charalambous, Attta, Odysseos, Siailo, Zebassi Kofi, To etc.

kostakis kokkinis Nea Famagusta

He played for Anorthosis from 1959 to 1971, scoring 213 appearances and scoring 73 goals. He celebrated three championships (1960, 1962, 1963), three cups (1962, 1964, 1971) and two Shields (1962, 1964).

For 12 years he was a valuable team for Anorthosis with which he experienced unique moments. Kokkinis also scored the first European goal of the recovery (1971 in the GSE with Partizan Belgrade). He was the leader of Anorthosis, from which he left at the age of 29, loaded with glory and fame.

His sequel was in Solution. For a year he played in LALL Lysis (Love Club of the People of Lysis) where he was also a coach (XNUMXrd category).

He then went to ASIL, which played in the second division, while he also coached the youth team. After the deportation, he was an ASIL player-coach in Limassol when the team was now in the A 'category.

K. Kokkinis played football until he was 40, while he was the coach of several small teams at the Anorthosis Academy, while he was also involved in women's football.

Source: sportime.sigmalive.com