Osersai: Removal of a UN camp from Famagusta (images)


He called for the removal of the UNFICYP camp from the "center of Famagusta" (Karaolos area, in Turkish it is called "Stefanik" camp) in his contacts with high-ranking UN officials in New York, said "Foreign Minister" Kudretz Ozer. he also made a proposal on where the camp could be moved.
According to reports from the occupied territories, Mr. Ozersay in a statement to the Turkish "news agency" said that the camp has been there since 1964, in the middle of an area that has been developed with student dormitories hosting thousands of students Mediterranean) and does not consider it appropriate for the area to be used for military purposes. "This area can become a green area with trees that will allow Famagusta to breathe and will be used by the citizens. "We now want the UN to leave."

According to Mr. Ozersai, the space can be turned into a park and the people of Famagusta with their children can spend time there, to be used as part of social activity. The next day, when the camp leaves, he said, they will discuss the issue with the "municipality" of Famagusta and the officials of the "university" of the eastern Mediterranean.