Piero Fascino: Let's make Varosi a living city again

"Varosi should no longer be a ghost town"

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"Varosi should no longer be a ghost town. It is sad that Varosi, a human city, is in this situation. We must make efforts to make Varosi a living city again," said the Italian Member of Parliament, Piero Fassino, rapporteur at the CSCE for Famagusta from the walled area, which he visited today.

As reported in the occupied territories, Mr. Fascino was accompanied on his tour of Varosi by the "MPs" of KEE and RTK, Oguzhan Hasipoglou and Armagan Jiadan, respectively, who participate as observers in the work of the KSSE, as well as the "mayor" of Famagusta, Suleiman Uluchai.

exclusive, Famagusta, Cyprus, Piero Fascino

Mr Fassino, speaking through interpretation from Italian to Turkish, said the walled-off area of ​​Famagusta could once again become a "living city" by implementing United Nations proposals. "Of course, this is something that can happen with the agreement of the parties concerned," he said. He also expressed the belief that "we must reach a solution (of the Cyprus issue) after fifty years. Of course, with the help of the United Nations."

exclusive, Famagusta, Cyprus, Piero Fascino

He thanked the members who worked as a delegation in Strasbourg, meaning the two Turkish "MPs" who were with him, Hasipoglou and Giandan. "I hope that together with them and the Republic of Cyprus we will reach something that everyone shares and agrees on," he said.

Asked in what context the report he will draw up by the end of the month will move, Mr Fascino said that "at the end of my contacts with both sides, I will study them (their positions) and prepare a report". He also stated that his report will also include recommendations.

Jiadan – Hasipoglou

Armagan Jiadan, "MP" of the RTK, said that Mr. Fasino is visiting Varosi for the second time since he assumed the role of rapporteur on the issue in the Political Affairs Committee of the KSSE, 3 years ago. He also reminded that the Italian Member of Parliament has visited Ankara and Athens on the subject. As a "representation of the parliament", he added, they continue to work both on this report and on other issues discussed in the KSSE.

He thanked Mr. Fascino for his visit today to the occupied territories and said that the CSCE for T/k is an important forum, noting that the "immovable property committee" is a body that received the approval of the Assembly. That is why, he continued, they will visit the "committee" in question together in the afternoon.

Mr. Fascino was also thanked by the KEE "MP", Oguzhan Hasipoglou because, as he said, he listens to both sides before preparing his report. "Of course we will raise our objections to elements in the report that we will not like, but it is important that the CoE on the Cyprus issue at least listens to both sides," he said.

The Cyprus issue, he continued, is not a matter of who owned Varossio before '74. "It is not correct to discuss the Cyprus issue only with this perception. Because in the Cyprus issue, the right to life of Turkish Cypriots, isolation and embargoes must also be discussed. While the issue of the properties of the Greek Cypriots before 1974 is being discussed, there are also the properties of the Turkish Cypriots who stayed in the south and the corrective measures offered by the Greek Cypriot administration of southern Cyprus".

There was, he continued, a guardianship regime for them (SS: he means the Custodian of t/c properties), but the t/c side at least offered options, as he said, through the "real estate commission".

“Therefore, we have to explain all these facts. He saw the closed Varosi himself and said how sorry he was. Unfortunately, the closed Varosi had become a symbol of the status quo during these years of negotiations. By opening this place as 'tdvk' territory in 2020, our 'state' has already broken this status quo. Now we have to bring Varosi back to life by removing the word closed for the benefit of the whole island," he said.

It should be noted that Mr. Fascino will also have a meeting in the occupied territories with the Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar.

Source: KYPE