Famagusta Initiative Our City to local authorities: We are waiting for mass mobilizations and you are on vacation

Letter on Turkey's illegal actions in Varosia

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A letter to the Mayor of Famagusta, the deputies of Famagusta and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Famagusta was sent today by the members of the initiative group "Famagusta our City" as a last resort to prevent the illegal actions of the Turks in Varosya.

"We are losing our city" they specifically mention, and you sing the Standing Hymn. "The Turks are raping our homes, they say, selling off the last hope of return and reunification, and you are on vacation."

In fact, through the letter, they are invited to take off the masks that suit them, since the people of Varos are waiting for them, to give the green light for the mass mobilizations, emphasizing that everyone has abandoned them.

The letter is as follows:

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