The flag of Famagusta does not wave in the skyscrapers of Limassol

a 1 Andreas Pittatzis, Nea Famagusta

By Andreas Pittatzis

Edime Famagusta Mayor Mr. Galene,

The bones of my dead ancestors and our ancestors creak when you tell us that it is forbidden to talk about Famagusta. This is my mother's house in enslaved Famagusta. And when he gets it back, like the others, then you have the right to forbid us to talk about Famagusta. Do not forget that the limousine you have comes from your position as a former MP of Famagusta and Speaker of Parliament. A seat that I includeput free Famagusta.

Some Famagusta people wore the cloak of weeping and made bigger fortunes than the ones they lost. In a few days, some will go to London with the CCCI for large investments, but having their interests in Limassol. In 1 month from today some others will go to Russia with CIPA, again for big investments. How many will participate from the free Province? No one. At a meeting of an official body, some admitted that Free Famagusta should not be developed and that it should remain stagnant. At a meeting of the Trade Committee of the Parliament in 2010, the EVEA, representing the free Province institutionally, asked not to build a marina in Paralimni because it is not needed. I'm not talking about all the refugees. There are many who lost, thousands. But there are some who have won and are winning against us.

We are not trying to replace Famagusta. We try to tell all of them that yes our metropolis is enslaved, but there is even a free part of it that is trying to survive.

Free Famagusta will not continue to be exploited by anyone. Make the decision… Carnival is not the problem… the problems are deeper and relate to financial interests. That is why the faster the masks fall, the easier it will be for us to see the truth in detail. And yes these enslaved soils belong to me and to you and to all of us. I am also from Paralimni and Agianapitis and Deryneiotis and Sotirkatis and Varosiotis. I AM FAMAGUSTIAN. And we do not allow you to teach us lessons of patriotism. And yes… THE FLAG of Famagusta is NOT waving in the skyscrapers of Limassol, but in its Province and in the souls of all of us.

a1 1 Andreas Pittatziis, Nea Famagusta