Varosia belongs to EVKAF, says Bender

07 01 23 image 83 Varosia, EVKAF, UN SECURITY COUNCIL

EBKAF General Manager Ibrahim Bender said he supported the UN Security Council's statement on Varosia that "property in the city should be given to its rightful owners" and reiterated that Varosia belongs to EVKAF.

In a written statement, Mr Bender said EVKAF had existed in Cyprus for the past 500 years, as well as the time that the enclosed city of Famagusta belonged to EVKAF.

"EVKAF existed long before the British came to the island, long before the United Nations was founded and long before the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus. These lands belong to EVKAF ", he stated.

He added that "when the Security Council says that the Baronesses should be returned to their rightful owners, we accept that."

"It is a great decision for us to give back these lands to EVKAF, to open [the Varosia] under the control of EVKAF and to be returned for the benefit of society," he concluded.