Pittatzii's open attack on Karouso: "You buried the dream of a Municipality for the interests of Ayia Napa"

"Ovides" vs. Karousos of Pittatzi - "I myself invite you to meet me in public..."

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The lawyer Andreas Pittatziis launched a fierce attack against the candidate for the position of President of the Famagusta Provincial Self-Governing Organization Yannis Karousos. The reason is the reports against Andreas Pittatziis by Yannis Karousos regarding the conclusion of the reform of the local government in the free province of Famagusta and the actions, as he claims, of Yannis Karousos for not merging Agia Napa with Paralimni.

In the Pittatzii reports, there is talk, among other things, about the debt of the Municipality of Ayia Napa to the Water Supply Council which amounts to 10 million and which, as he mentions, an attempt is being made to transfer to the Provincial Self-Governing Organization of Famagusta.

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