The skies "opened" in Famagusta Province as well (PICTURES - VIDEO)

Intense weather phenomena are affecting the province of Famagusta

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The skies opened up in various areas of Cyprus, while intense hail was also observed in the province of Famagusta.

As observed in the videos and images, heavy rain, lightning and hail are observed in several areas.

It is reminded that the yellow warning is in effect from this morning and will last until 2:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Detailed weather report

Low pressure, moving southeast and starting to affect the area.

Today, the weather will be mostly cloudy, while rain and isolated storms are expected, initially in the west and in the north and progressively in the rest of the island. In a storm, hail is also possible. Winds will be mainly southeast to southwest and locally variable, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. However, in a storm the winds can change and strengthen up to 6 Beaufort, with stronger gusts. The sea will generally be a little rough, while gradually until the late afternoon, in the west and in the north it will become a little rough. The temperature will rise to around 19 degrees in the interior, around 21 on the coasts and around 9 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight, the weather will remain mostly cloudy, with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms expected. Later and during the morning hours, on the highest peaks of Troodos, it is possible that snow or sleet will fall. Winds will be mainly southeast to southwest, light, 3 Beaufort and transient on the coast to moderate, 4 Beaufort. The sea to the west and north will be a little rough, while to the south and east it will be calm to a little rough, only to become a little rough later. The temperature will drop to around 12 degrees in the interior, around 15 on the coasts and around 4 degrees in the higher mountains, where locally frost is expected to form.
On Saturday, the weather will be partly cloudy and locally, at times cloudy, while isolated showers and a possible isolated brief thunderstorm are expected, especially in the western half of the island. On the highest peaks of Troodos, snow or sleet may fall.

On Sunday, the weather will initially be mostly clear, however, increased clouds that will develop during the midday hours and after, may give isolated rain, mainly in the mountains. On Monday, there will be locally increased clouds, which are expected to give isolated rain. Gradually through the afternoon, isolated showers and possible isolated thunderstorms are expected in the west and north.

The temperature on Saturday will see a slight drop, while until Monday, it will gradually show a slight rise, to continue to fluctuate close to the average climatic values ​​for the season.[0]=AZWB2hIIKNOzkOhLktvZSxYxOSekLMdN3jqK5Hw1R3-08T6i-zY0RlCcD8zPuyTST4hEvG97WKzKb1OEXA3-qc9JDszqxTdUo1ffo0NCSWH_r6vUCXZqqBB13rlB_HBbpgp5p-0O5vVZ5jE9830MAwsuTBqiQaKEp0wgo13kPYdL2QRhenwLRLjdJZuAMK7ybZCqlnTRXL_X0H2sFdh_UPVH&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R

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