Trisokka's answer to Uzuho: "Let them see the photo from Trabzon" (VIDEO)

Panagiotis Trisokkas gave a clear answer about the Ouzoho case.

The former International basketball player and current member of the Board of Directors of KOA, gave during his greeting to 6th Sports and Volunteer Awards organized by the Municipality of Sotiras last Wednesday a clear response to all those responsible for the Uzoho case.

Panagiotis Trisokkas responded to the criticism and to those who question what he voted for at the CMO meeting, recalling the well-known photo in which he is depicted on August 3, 2005 giving a chair to a fan of the Turkish team, dressed in the colors of Anorthosis when left the training of the National to be, then, at the side of the Great Lady.

See the statement of Panagiotis Trisokkas:

"He had left the preparation of the National to go to Trabzon"

A really interesting story was hosted in a recent article by the website about the "heroic" fan of the Big Lady team who returned the chair in the match against the Turkish team.

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Detailed post:

"How many know that Panagiotis Trisokkas had left the preparation of National Basketball to be on the side of Anorthosis on August 3, 2005?

Definitely very few. Those who know the way Panagiotis thinks, know well that he could not miss anything from such an important journey.

So, while the National Basketball Team was preparing, it managed to arrange them so that it could be on the side of the Big Lady.

That is why Panagiotis did not appear in photos from the responses coming from Trabzon. He did not want to be seen in Cyprus and asked: "But he should not be in the preparation of the National?". Journalists went to take a picture of him and he politely refused.

Finally, the French news agency "nailed" him! That infamous photo depicting him returning to the Turkish fans the plastic chair thrown at him, shortly before the Turkish police evacuated the Anorthosis stand for security reasons (just before the referee blew the whistle).

I remember a fan at the Trabzon airport describing the scene to us shortly before returning to Cyprus: "When the police started to take us out of the stadium, Trisokkas grabbed a chair they had thrown at us and marked the fans upstairs. he stretched out one hand forward and returned it to the head of a Turkish fan ".

"Nah, exaggerations of the fan…" I had thought then. We returned to Cyprus at dawn and after about eight hours I went to the newspaper to write the echo. Then I opened the computer and entered the website of the French agency. I found out that the description of the fan was accurate and did not contain any dose of exaggeration… "