Avgorou: Ioula Ioannou-Patsalidou received honorary awards at the Naoussa International Poetry Festival

Read the poem dedicated by Gioula Ioannou-Patsalidou to the 1st Naoussa International Poetry Festival

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The 1st Naoussa International Poetry Festival, "Aristotle and the World", was held September 2-4, 2022 at the "Melina Merkouri" Open Theater of Naoussa, under the auspices of the Municipality of the Heroic City of Naoussa, by the Naoussa Conservatory and the Movement for Letters and Arts, with the support of PEN Greece, CIESART Greece and the World Poets Society (WPS), with the participation of poets from 14 countries of the world.

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Among the countries is Cyprus, specifically the Community of Avgorou with the poet Gioula Ioannou-Patsalidou.

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Gioula Ioannou-Patsalidou not only participated but was honored with the Honorary Diploma as well as the Aristotle Peace Poetry Award for the peaceful contexts of her poetry!

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Ms. Youla dedicated her poem below entitled "Roots" to the Festival

Let's go there

where the locks of the soul built Parthenons!

Let's travel there

on which the ideals of the world were founded,

From Plato and Aristotle

Kitias and Diogenes

Where the sarcasm of time

it does not touch, it does not wear out

the majesty of their souls

Instructor, teacher

of your own dignity and pride

Let's meet at the border of myth and realism.

Come alone, so we can continue dreaming...

A few words about Giola Ioannou Patsalidis: 

Gioula Ioannou Patsalidou was born in 1957 in Avgorou and graduated in the first year of the war from the Pancyprian High School of Larnaca, after the schools in Famagusta were lost, where she had been studying until then. He attended courses in the art of photography at FORTH Athens and then courses in French language and culture and Greek literature in Lyon, France. She worked on a private radio station as a music producer, but her great love was always writing, until she decided to publish some of the poems and short stories she had been collecting for years.

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