AVGOROU: Police provide details of the industrial accident - 57-year-old man in hospital after electrocution

What the Police say about the cutting of the EAC high-voltage cable - 57-year-old in intensive care

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As Steve Theodoulou, press representative of the Famagusta Police Directorate, reported to KYPE, "around 4 this afternoon, information was received at the Xylofagos Police Station according to which a 57-year-old man was injured in a work accident. Members of the Police carried out examinations at the scene and it was found that the 57-year-old tried to move animal feed from his truck to the farm silo with a hose.

He added that "in his attempt, the 57-year-old did not realize that the hose came into contact with high voltage cables of the EAC, as a result of which he suffered an electric shock and the electricity supply was interrupted. The man was taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Famagusta and from the tests carried out it was found that he has entry-exit burns (that is, the current entered through the hand and exited through the leg).

He also stated that "the health condition of the 57-year-old is considered stable by the treating doctors, however he will remain under observation for 24 hours in the Intensive Care Unit of the Famagusta Hospital".  

As Mr. Theodoulou said, "the scene was visited by an employee of the Labor Office as well as a technician from the Cyprus Electricity Authority, who isolated the electricity, until the repair and restoration work can be completed".