Ayia Napa: Unveiling of a sculpture dedicated to the "Castle" by Giorgos Koumas (PICTURES)

The unveiling of the sculpture "Football Statue - Castle" which now adorns the traffic junction at the entrance of Ayia Napa

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On Friday (09 September) in the afternoon, the Mayor of Ayia Napa Mr. Christos Zannettos and the President of KOP Mr. George Koumas unveiled the impressive sculpture "Football-Castle Statue", which was created by the well-known Cypriot Artist Mr. Panikkos Whiskerless.

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The 2m high sculpture is made of stainless steel and was made in collaboration with the Municipality of Ayia Napa and KOP on the occasion of the final phase of the UEFA K-17 European Children's Championship in 2024 in Cyprus.

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As the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettou mentioned in his greeting, the sculpture is dedicated to football and is associated with the late resident of Ayia Napa Georgios Katsouri Kastro - one of the leading and most gifted Cypriot footballers - for his great contribution to football either as footballer or as a coach but also to all those who played a catalytic role in the football events of Ayia Napa and the wider area of ​​the Free District of Famagusta.

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He also assured that the Municipality of Ayia Napa will continue to support the sports sector with both small and large projects, will upgrade, honor and highlight its history because, as noted by Culture, it is among its priorities.

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In his own greeting, the President of KOP, Mr. George Koumas, referred to the personality and contribution of the late Georgios Katsouris (Castro), stressing that with Kastro as a beacon, KOP's cooperation with the Municipality of Agia Napa is sealed.

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He also stated that with this event the countdown begins for the major event undertaken by KOP and our country, the final phase of the UEFA K-17 European Children's Championship in 2024, which is, as he said, a milestone for the Federation, the area of ​​Eleftheri Famagusta for Cyprus in general and will also be a point of reference for future generations. "It creates additional incentives for all of us to continue working for the good of Cypriot football, for the good of our children" noted Mr. Koumas.

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After the greetings and shortly before the unveiling of the sculpture, plaques and memorabilia were awarded by Mr. Zannettos to the President of KOP, KOP and to the family of the deceased, who in turn presented commemorative plaques of thanks to the Mayor and Christos Zannettou and to the President of KOP Mr. Giorgos Koumas. The event was interspersed with an artistic program curated and presented by Marianna Hatzichristou (singing) and Mara Filippou (piano).

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After the unveiling ceremony, football matches were held at the Municipal Stadium between Veteran Footballers of the Cyprus Football Federation (CFO) and football players from the Grass Roots of the CFO. All the football players were given commemorative medals by the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettos and the President of KOP Mr. Giorgos Koumas.

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