AGIA NAPA: The 12-year-old is in the hospital - The circumstances of the traffic accident are unknown

He was found injured on a street in Ayia Napa - He is being treated intubated at the Nicosia General Hospital

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Injured but in a stable condition, the 12-year-old is being treated at the hospital, who was found with a head injury on a road in Ayia Napa late Friday afternoon.

While the child was initially transported by ambulance to the Famagusta Hospital, due to his condition it was deemed appropriate to transfer him to the intensive care unit of the Nicosia General Hospital, where he is being treated intubated, with a skull fracture and brain hematoma.

As Steve Theodoulou, press representative of the Famagusta Police Directorate, reported to KYPE, "around 19.00:XNUMX on Friday afternoon, information was received at the Police Station of Agia Napa that there was an injured young person on the street next to the church of Agios Epiphanios in Agia Napa who appears to have been injured from a traffic accident".

He added that "members of the local police station and the Famagusta Traffic Police visited the scene for examination, while so far the circumstances that led to the injury of the 12-year-old are being investigated. The minor was taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Famagusta in Paralimni, where it was found that he has a skull fracture and a brain hematoma."

He also noted that "due to the seriousness of his condition, the 12-year-old was intubated and transferred to the Nicosia General Hospital where he is being treated".

According to Mr. Theodoulou "the circumstances under which the minor was injured are still unknown and are being investigated by the Famagusta Traffic Police and the Agia Napa Police Station".

Famagusta.News / KYPE