Ayia Napa: He stole a bag from the beach with over 2000 euros worth of property

The police handcuffed the 37-year-old

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This morning, members of the Ayia Napa Police Station arrested a 37-year-old man from Bulgaria, a permanent resident of Ayia Napa, for theft of property with a total value of 2200 euros.

Specifically, on 17/6/24 and around 0600 hours, information was received from three persons who had gone to a beach in Ayia Napa to swim, that they immobilized an unknown man whom they spotted stealing the bag with the personal belongings of one of the three persons which contained his mobile phone and other items worth 2200 euros.

Members of the police station of Agia Napa immediately went to the place and found that it was a permanent resident of Agia Napa from Bulgaria for 37 years and after being taken to the police station of Agia Napa, he admitted to committing the crime of theft and was accused in writing to be summoned later before the provincial court. Court of Famagusta in Ayia Napa.

The Ayia Napa Police Station is investigating.