Ayia Napa: Signatures for improvement project worth almost 3 million "fell"

This is the project "Improvement of Tefkrou Anthia, Dionysiou Solomou, Giannaki Pappouli, Dimokratias, Filias and Dimitris Lipertis streets"

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Signed today, Friday 28 May 2021 by the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettou and Mr. Spyros X '' Christofi on behalf of the General Cooperative (S 13166) Consortium S. Hadjichristofi Constructions Ltd and brothers Katsios (Styliotes) Ltd JV, in the presence of an official Urban Planning and Housing, the contracts of one of the most important projects to be done in Ayia Napa.
This is the project "Improvement of Tefkrou Anthia, Dionysiou Solomou, Giannaki Pappouli, Dimokratia, Filias and Dimitris Lipertis streets" worth almost three million euros, which aims to support the inner district of Ayia Napa, which is connected to the commercial tourist axis of Kryou Nero Street of the Municipality and ends towards Tefkrou Anthia Street but also to improve the daily life of the citizens and the thousands of foreign tourists who visit Ayia Napa every year.
The project envisages renovation of roads and sidewalks, undergrounding of all utilities, installation of modern lighting and urban equipment, tree planting and creation of green spaces, which, as stated by the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettou "will give impetus to the public for more visits to the center city's".
Mr. Zannettou in his statements characterized today as very important for Ayia Napa and its citizens and expressed his special satisfaction for the fact that despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the great economic consequences it has brought, the Municipality Ayia Napa with hard work and perseverance, managed a great infrastructure and development project of Ayia Napa to be one step ahead of the start of work.
The Mayor of Ayia Napa also did not fail to thank all the government departments, especially the Department of Urban Planning and Housing for their support and contribution to the implementation of the project as well as all the services of the Municipality especially the Technical Service for the hard work they have done so as to carry out a difficult task.