AGIA NAPA: The new "Tourism Ambassadors" are German (PHOTO)

"Ambassadors of Ayia Napa Tourism" couple from Germany

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The new "Tourism Ambassadors" of Ayia Napa are Germans.

The reason for the couple Frank Claudia Kutz, who came to Ayia Napa for vacation purposes twenty-four times and the Municipality of Ayia Napa honored them with a commemorative plaque and then declared them "Ambassadors of Ayia Napa Tourism".

In a modest ceremony that took place today, Wednesday 07 September 2022, the Cultural Officer of the Municipality, Mrs. Maria Tofini Tsantila, awarded them, on behalf of the Mayor, Mr. Christos Zannettos, the commemorative plaque and the emblem "Ambassador of Tourism" and she then expressed her heartfelt condolences to them. thanks for their numerous visits and for the special preference they have shown over the years for Ayia Napa. He also pointed out that they are now citizens of Ayia Napa and not just visitors.

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