SAINT NAPA: Cleaning public trash cans

We protect the health of public spaces and the public health of our residents and visitors, said the mayor of Ayia Napa, Mr. Christos Zannettu

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The campaign to clean the public waste bins started and continues this week, which the Municipality of Ayia Napa has undertaken.

During the cleaning campaign, more than 700 bins will be washed and disinfected both inside and outside with the necessary equipment used for this purpose by the contractor company "Ms Cleanbin Ltd".

As mentioned by the Mayor, Mr. Christos Zannettou, "the cleaning campaign of the public waste bins, beyond the aesthetic side, is another measure of sanitary shielding of the public spaces of our city and the public health of our citizens and visitors".

"Cleanliness and above all maintaining the clean image of our city" he added "is one of our primary goals", pointing out at the same time "that the observance of cleanliness rules and the decent image of the Municipality is the business of all of us".

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