Ayia Napa: Young people ransacked cars – They were handcuffed

At the sight of the Police, the three ran away

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The Police arrested five people, as part of an investigation into cases involving theft from cars, causing malicious damage and possession of burglary tools, committed in the provinces of Limassol and Famagusta.

Specifically, in Limassol, a 36-year-old woman reported to the Police yesterday that various items and a sum of money, with a total value of 1,760 euros, were stolen from her car, which was parked and locked in an area of ​​Limassol.

From the examinations that were carried out, a testimony emerged against a 34-year-old man, in whose house part of the stolen property was found. The 34-year-old was arrested for the self-inflicted crime of theft.

Subsequently, during the examinations in the area where the 36-year-old's vehicle was parked, a second vehicle, owned by a 29-year-old, was also located, in which the passenger window was also damaged. After the owner was notified, he found that various items had been stolen from him, including a laptop computer.

Subsequently, testimony emerged against a 54-year-old man, in whose apartment some of the stolen property from both cars was found. The 54-year-old was arrested for the self-inflicted crime of theft.

In the province of Famagusta, information was received last night that young persons were moving suspiciously in the area of ​​Ayia Napa. Members of the Police went to the area, where they found five people outside a vehicle. At the sight of the Police, the three fled, while the two remained at the scene. As it was established, it is an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old, while the driver of the vehicle, aged 25, was subsequently identified.

In the investigation that followed, various burglary tools were found inside the vehicle, while the three suspects were arrested for the first-degree offense of possession of burglary tools.

Subsequently, it was established that the above persons are involved in a number of cases of theft from cars committed between the dates 25-30/05/2024, in the area of ​​Ayia Napa.

It should be noted that the decision of the District Court of Famagusta is expected today, regarding the arrest of a 17-year-old, who was arrested yesterday, in connection with an investigated case of theft from a parked car, in Ayia Napa.