SAINT NAPA: Illegal alien released instead of deported

He was arrested for theft and instead of being deported, he was released

photo 27 exclusive, Police
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An illegal alien was set free instead of being transferred to the Menogeia Hospitality Center from the holding cells of the Ayia Napa Police Station.

According to information and according to what is transmitted by Reporter, a person who had been arrested for a case of theft and was found to be residing illegally on the territory of the Republic, instead of being transferred to the "Limnes" Reception Center for International Protection Applicants in the Menogia region and then deported, however he was released due to a misunderstanding, as the information states , between Police Departments.

According to what is reported, the foreigner was detained at the Ayia Napa Police Station and had to be released, however the Aliens and Immigration Service (YAM) should also be notified to pick him up, so that he could be transferred to Menogeia, since he was residing illegally on its territory Democracy.

Despite all this, the foreigner was released, without subsequently executing a decree for his detention and deportation.

As soon as the misunderstanding was established, the Police began investigations to locate him, so that he could be arrested and detained in Menogeia.

With information from Reporter