Ayia Napa: "Parade" of witnesses in the case of gang rape

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Investigators from the Famagusta Crimes Investigation Department are continuing their investigation into the allegations of a 19-year-old British student who was gang-raped in a hotel room in Ayia Napa in the early hours of Wednesday.

Thirty deposits from the persons involved

According to information from alphanews.live, thirty deposits have been received so far, including: from the 19-year-old complainant, from a female friend who accompanied her to the police station to report the incident and from the twelve young people arrested by Israel.

"Parade" of Witnesses from the offices of TAE

At the same time, dozens of witnesses who seem to know details and facts about the case have been passing through the offices of TAE since this morning. The list of authorities includes hotel workers who allegedly committed the crimes under investigation and British tourists staying at the same hotel as the suspects and the alleged victim, who were informed by the 19-year-old herself about the incident.

12 microphones on the microscope

In cooperation with the members of the Office for Combating Cybercrime, they are examining the mobile phones of the twelve young people arrested by Israel, who were detained for eight days, following a decision by the Famagusta District Court. The electronic devices are looking for data that may shed light on the unprecedented case.

According to the 19-year-old's complaint, some of the alleged rapists were videotaping their actions with their mobile phones.

"Light" from DNA

At the same time, the authorities are awaiting the results of genetic material in evidence obtained from the hotel room, in which the alleged crimes are alleged to have been committed. Among the items are the clothes worn by a suspected and alleged victim on the night of the crime, as well as sheets and other clothing from the hotel room.

The case of gang rape has sparked interest in Israeli and international media. A report on an Israeli television station includes excerpts from live broadcasts of Alpha Cyprus correspondent Katerina Ioannou on the Alpha Update show outside the Famagusta District Court, which ordered the eight-day detention of the XNUMX suspects. As well as images from alphanews.live articles

Source: Alphanews / Loukas Fesias