Ayia Napa/Tourism: Hotel occupancy at pre-pandemic levels

Occupancies of hotels and other accommodation in Ayia Napa are at pre-pandemic levels, ranging between 85% - 90% according to Mayor Christos Zannetou

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Occupancies of hotels and other accommodations in Ayia Napa are at pre-pandemic levels, ranging between 85% - 90%, with Mayor Christos Zannetou stating that he is quite satisfied with the tourist traffic.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Zannettou said that the tourist traffic in Ayia Napa so far is satisfactory. "Based on the data we are cross-checking, including overnight stays and hotel occupancy, we are at the levels of 2018 and 2019, that is, in the pre-pandemic era," he pointed out.

He added that "the traffic we have this year leaves us quite satisfied, since there is an increase in tourist arrivals both from the traditional markets that prefer Ayia Napa for their holidays and from new and existing markets that are developing and growing continuously". This fact, he added, "is very encouraging for tourism, not only for the free province of Famagusta but also for the whole of Cyprus" and expressed the wish "with the coordinated efforts of all the agencies that are being made, we will achieve our goal of increasing of the tourist flow until October in order to keep to the pre-pandemic numbers".

In response to a related question, Mr. Zannettou said that "there are bookings for the following months as well, however, a decline is visible regarding September and October". It seems, he added, "that there is an increase in last-minute bookings as people look for the best value packages".

At the same time, he expressed optimism that "because in September and October Ayia Napa organizes big events, we will manage to attract enough people. A positive thing for Ayia Napa is that many of our compatriots did, are doing and have planned their vacations until the middle of September."

Regarding the occupancy of the hotels in Ayia Napa, the Mayor expressed the assessment that "occupancies are between 85% - 90% until the middle of August". Despite the fact, he said, "that even after the XNUMXth of August, the occupancy rates are so far satisfactory, however there is a slow flow of bookings, which is observed not only in our area but also in general in the rest of Cyprus".

Asked from which markets Ayia Napa attracts tourism, the Mayor said that "the traditional markets that prefer our region are British, German and Scandinavian, but this year there seemed to be an increasing trend from these countries. At the same time, however, there is a significant increase from several Central European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, Romania and Israel."

He also noted that "with the cooperation of all competent bodies, the government, local authorities and private individuals, the extension of the tourist season throughout Cyprus, which has been everyone's goal for years, will be achieved". With this extension, "several hotels, restaurants and other businesses involved in tourism will manage to operate in the winter months as well, with the result that both employers and employees will benefit who will not be forced to stop their work due to seasonality ", concluded the Mayor of Ayia Napa.

Source: KYPE