AYA NAPA: Tourists honored with the "Ambassador of Tourism" emblem

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The emblem of the "Ambassador of Tourism" of Ayia Napa and the special commemorative plaque were awarded to six couples, five from Great Britain and one from Germany, by the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettou, in a ceremony that took place on Friday, September 30 at the reception area of the Municipal Hall.

The five couples from Britain are Derek – Carol Longden (48 visits), Cyril-Bridget Rugman (50 visits), John-Jayne Stevenson (39 visits), Derek – Margaret Bonner (34 visits), Gerald – Karen Turner (25 visits) ) and Harald Dahm – Andrea Braunert from Germany (17 visits).

Welcoming them to the Municipal Hall, Mr. Zannettu expressed his heartfelt thanks for the fact that they often visit Ayia Napa, something that he said demonstrates the quality tourist product that Ayia Napa offers.

"Your special preference in our city is a great honor for our Municipality and it is the least honor we could give you in exchange for the great and practical love you have for our city" said Mr. Zannetto.

The awarding of the highest distinction of our Municipality continued, states that for the official authority you are not just visitors but citizens of Ayia Napa.

At the same time, the Mayor of Agia Napa announced to them that from 2023 the Municipality will ensure for "Tourism Ambassadors" a 10% discount in restaurants in the area as well as free entry to the "Talassa" Municipal Museum. It should be noted that from today the honorees were given free tickets to visit the "Talassa" Museum.

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