The KOP arbitration seminar started in Ayia Napa

a 1 Nea Famagusta

The work of the Interim Arbitration Seminar for the referees and assistant referees of Elite category started yesterday morning in Ayia Napa, in the presence of the A 'Category observers.

The beginning of the work of the Seminar was announced by the General Secretary of KOP Mr. Foivos Vakis.

"I welcome you to the annual intermediate refereeing seminar and I am sure that through the work of the seminar, your knowledge will be further enhanced, with the aim of greater improvement of your performance, now that we are entering a critical turning point in our Championships.

You know better than anyone the support that the Federation offers to our arbitration, but also the great investment that has been made for years to further improve it. A factor that will certainly further enhance the overall progress of our football.

I convey to you the personal interest of the President of the Federation, Kostakis Koutsokoumnis, who always follows your efforts and guides the initiatives to strengthen the upgrading of Cypriot football at all levels ", stressed the General Secretary of the KOP.

"The Cyprus Football Federation provides you with what is possible in terms of education and in all other areas, and we expect and demand from you, to give your best every week.

Since last August when the Cyta Championship started, it should be emphasized with satisfaction that we have watched very good referees. Of course, there have been mistakes, but everyone must understand that mistakes will always be made because that is the form of world football. To tolerate human mistakes.

The general picture of our arbitration is considered satisfactory, but without hard work from everyone and continuous training, far from complacency, nothing is guaranteed.

We are going through a competitive Championship with consecutive important games at all levels of the standings and in no case should there be complacency. We ask for your utmost care and we are sure that we have the skills to reach better refereeing levels.

Have all the necessary resources in your education from people of known value in Europe and stay committed to their instructions.

We are also looking forward to the promotion of new referees, an effort that began and continues with promises and through the constant monitoring of talented referees and their proper training, we expect that in the near future we will have new appearances in all categories of our leagues.

The Federation is next to the referees and we all have to continue the hard work for even better results.

I congratulate the referees who were anointed international for 2018 and I wish them every success in the matches that will be determined, always keeping in mind that they must represent in the best possible way at international level, both our country and our Federation .

I wish good luck in the seminar and good refereeing until the end of the competitive year of our Championships ".

We can for better presences

Welcoming the referees at the beginning of the seminar, Hugh Dallas, Advisor to the President of Arbitration and Director of Training, emphasized the support offered by the KOP to arbitration and thanked the Federation.

"The Federation offers everything for the progress of arbitration in Cyprus and from our side we should become better. Progress has been made but there is the potential for greater progress and we have a lot of work to do to achieve it, now that a difficult series of races follows until the end of the year.

At the same time, we continue our effort to promote new referees and so far we have had new appearances ", stressed among others Mr. Hugh Dallas.

* On his part, the Chairman of the Arbitration Committee, Mr. Hans Reijgwart, emphasized, among other things:

"I, in turn, would like to refer to the great support offered by the KOP and its investment in improving arbitration. It does not happen in many Federations and we have to become and we can become better. So far we have had good performances, but very difficult matches are coming and the effort for improvement must be continuous and there are possibilities with all this great support.

You have with you the best, one of the best arbitration trainers in Europe, Hugh Dallas and it is an honor for Cyprus to be here and work with his team for the progress of arbitration ".

* The President of the Referees Association, Mr. Michalis Argyrou, in his short greeting, thanked the Federation for its great and continuous support for the progress of the arbitration and concluded by emphasizing:

"We are only here for work and hard work awaits us to improve even more."