They visited Ayia Napa 62 times – Honored as "Tourism Ambassadors" (PHOTO)

British tourists awarded with Ayia Napa 'Ambassador of Tourism' badge for their 62nd and 23rd visits

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Gary Richmond and Jean McAllister from Scotland and Andrew John and Karen Anne were honored today, Tuesday, May 30, 2023, by the Cultural Officer of the Municipality of Ayia Napa on behalf of the Mayor, Mr. Christos Zannettos, in a modest ceremony held in the reception area of ​​the Municipal Hall. Thorton from the United Kingdom on the occasion of completing their 62nd and 23rd visits respectively to Ayia Napa.

Awarding them the commemorative plaque and the "Ambassador of Tourism of Ayia Napa" emblem, Mrs. Tofini thanked them for their numerous visits and at the same time praised the important role played by regular visitors in terms of promoting the region's tourism product abroad, since, as he typically mentioned, they represent and advertise it in the best and most convincing way.

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