Cape Greco: Unique video with dolphin longboats

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The dance of the dolphins that appeared again this year in the sea area of ​​Cape Greco, captivated the eyes of those who were in the area yesterday morning.

The wonderful mammals offered a wonderful spectacle and "stole" the clicks of the bathers.

The video with the dolphin macroboats was sent to SigmaLive by MP, witnessing an admittedly impressive spectacle!

Watch the video posted by SigmaLive:

The rocky Cape Cape Greco and its small peninsula are an area of ​​unspoiled beauty that due to its rare flora and fauna has been declared a National Park and is part of the European Natura 2000 program.

According to cyprus.terrabook, out of the almost 2000 species of plants that exist on the island of Aphrodite, the 141 subspecies of plants and flowers thrive exclusively in this area, such as zoulatzia, wild garlic, anthemis, and valania, while 71 species of fauna , including the fox, the hare, the hedgehog, various species of reptiles, bats and a wide variety of butterflies and other insects, many of which are rare, as well as some protected dolphins in its marine area, while many migratory birds find refuge in Its wild corners all year round, constitute the natural paradise of Cape Cape Greco.

Source: Sigmalive