Ayia Napa Marina: Karamontanis and Fytiris at Famagusta.News for projects and cruise ships (▶ ️)

The commercial section of the marina is open next summer - Ready in 2021 to welcome cruise ships (VIDEO)

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Feverish preparations have begun in Ayia Napa following the approval of the decree for mooring cruise ships as well as for the operation of the commercial section next summer.

As stated by the CEO of the MM Makronisos Marina Ltd group Stavros Karamontanis, the development of the projects continues normally with the completion of the commercial zone that is expected this summer, while the delivery of the first villas to the buyers is expected, while the works for them continue. towers.

He stressed that the marinas are a partnership between the private and public sectors, while at the moment the burden is on the businessmen, appealing to the Ministry of Tourism, which is responsible for the marinas, "to finally stand up and help the development of marinas ”.

"Right now, with everything that is happening, we want support, which, as he said, he has not seen yet. We can not, he said, make marinas or attract foreign investors without incentives.

On his part, the Director of the marina, Costas Fytiris stressed that the approval by the Council of Ministers of the decree for anchoring cruise ships is a very positive development. The marina will be properly prepared, he said, in 2021 with the goal of being ready in 2022 to receive cruise ships and their passengers. As he said, mechanisms will be created to facilitate the arrival of cruise ships and the reception of tourists, as well as the provision of high services. "We will call, as he said, the Municipalities and the communities of the area for cooperation in order to create a comprehensive program for the satisfaction of all tourists in all the issues they ask for."