New boat with 15 migrants in Cape Greco - Handcuffs on two people

Arrest of two people

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Two persons aged 18 and 34 were arrested yesterday by members of the Police, in relation to an investigated case of assisting third country nationals for illegal entry into the Republic of Cyprus, after the arrival of a number of migrants by sea vessel in the free Famagusta.

The marine vessel, a speedboat of approximately 5 meters in length, was spotted around 9.45 yesterday morning, off Cabo Greco. Members of the Port and Maritime Police located the boat and transported the migrants (nine men, two women, four children) safely to the Ayia Napa Marina. Afterwards, they underwent tests to verify their details and were transferred to the POURNARA accommodation center.

During the examinations, evidence emerged against the 18-year-old, who was allegedly the captain of the boat on which the migrants were traveling, while the 34-year-old was found to be a prohibited migrant.

The two suspects were arrested for apparent offenses and taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

The case is being investigated by the Famagusta Police Department.