Ayia Napa's "No" to electric skates: "They are dangerous"

Mayor Ag. Napa: Electric skates will not be licensed due to danger

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Electric skates will not be licensed in Ayia Napa because they are considered dangerous both for the public and for other wheeled vehicles circulating in the area, Mayor Christos Zannettou told KYPE.

Mr. Zannetou stated that "the Municipal Council of Ayia Napa has decided that it will not proceed with the licensing of electric skates (e scooters - personal mobility devices) because the areas where they could be used are adjacent to sidewalks and shops in commercial areas and are dangerous with any speed and run."

He added that "these skates are used by young people mainly aged 14 and over and due to the large number of people who traffic in the specific areas, it is difficult to license them".

"With the increased traffic of vehicles, i.e. cars, buses and taxis, that exists on the streets of Ayia Napa, it was considered dangerous to circulate the specific skates" he added.

He noted that "we consider it too dangerous to cause accidents with the possibility of even loss of life as happened last year."

However, continued Mr. Zannetto "after the start of the tourist season in Ayia Napa, the decision of the Municipal Council may be re-evaluated".

"Due to the increased arrival of visitors to Ayia Napa, our goal is to protect both the people who will be traveling in the area and the people who will be using these devices," he explained.

Source: KYPE