"Tourism Ambassadors" of Ayia Napa, a British family

The British family was honored by Mrs. Maria Tofini Tsantila.

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They are the couple Steven and Julie Moore who came to Ayia Napa 45 times and their daughters Rachael Ellen Alderson and Kelly Marie Fellowes who made 25 visits.

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The British family was honored in a ceremony that took place today, Thursday, August 25, 2022, in the reception area of ​​the Municipal Building, by the Cultural Officer of the Municipality, Mrs. Maria Tofini Tsantila.

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Awarding the commemorative plaques and the emblem of the "Ambassador of Tourism" of Ayia Napa on behalf of the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettos, Mrs. Tofini thanked them for their multiple visits, which as she pointed out demonstrate not only how adorable a place Ayia Napa is for them but also a unique tourist destination that everyone should visit for their holidays.301566621 175341255025630 8066316278553426511 ​​n exclusive

The Cultural Officer of the Municipality also assured that they are no longer considered just visitors to Ayia Napa but citizens.

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