A member of the group of the 25-year-old T/ms had a bat in the car

The Turkish Cypriot admitted the bat - The 25-year-old acknowledges the Greek Cypriots

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A person allegedly had a bat in his car, a member of the group of the 25-year-old girl who, in the early hours of Saturday, was attacked in Ayia Napa by two people aged 22 and 30, causing her to fall from a fence 2-3 meters high and hit the ground.

According to Steve Theodoulou, press representative of the Famagusta Police Department, "after an evaluation of visual material received from the closed circuit video-surveillance and other videos that saw the light of day, it was established that a member of the 25-year-old's group, after the attack on her, he took a bat from his vehicle. The man was located by the Police and admitted to the Police that he possessed the specific object and the investigators are expected to file a criminal case against him, which will be brought before the justice system, for the offenses he committed, including illegal possession and use offensive instrument".

In the meantime, information from the KYPE from the Police state that this afternoon, the 25-year-old will go to the offices of the TAE Famagusta in Paralimni where she was called for a supplementary statement while it is expected that a reconnaissance lineup will be made.

It is noted that from the footage evaluated by the Police, it appears that there is a third person along with the two other persons arrested for the case and efforts are being made to identify and locate him.

In addition, the four-day arrest warrant for the two suspects expires on Thursday, June 8, and based on the results of the Police examinations, the investigators are expected to either register the case before the Famagusta District Court, or to request a renewal of the warrant.