Four visitors from Switzerland and Scotland named "Tourism Ambassadors" of Ayia Napa (PICTURES)

They made 68 and 40 visits

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Four regular visitors from Switzerland and Scotland made 68 and 40 visits respectively and were named "Tourism Ambassadors" of Ayia Napa

The new "Tourism Ambassadors" are the couple Jürg and Irene Stucki from Switzerland, who made 68 visits, and the Scots Dylan Togneri and Frank Dingwall, who came to Ayia Napa 40 times.
Honoring the new "Tourism Ambassadors" in a modest ceremony held at the Municipal Hall on Friday 07 June 2024 on behalf of the Mayor Mr. Christos Zannettos, the Cultural Officer of the Municipality Mrs. Maria Tofini Tsantila said, among other things, that "your special preference for our city is great honor for our Municipality and it is the least honor we could do for you in return for the great and practical love you have for our city"

He also noted that with the awarding of the Municipality's highest distinction, the honorees are now considered citizens of Ayia Napa and not just visitors.

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