Caliber: 22 years of creative excellence in the province of Famagusta

Pioneers in the province of Famagusta in Graphic & Digital Design, Advertising and Interior Architecture & Decoration

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Η CALIBER was founded in 1998 with the aim of offering a wide and complete range of Graphic Design and Digital Design, Advertising and Interior Architecture and Decoration services. Today marks her 22nd birthday.

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Name Caliber represents exactly the meaning of the same word… modern, dynamic and capable company, which aims at its continuous upward trend.

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Billboard Design | © Caliber

With its many years of experience, it has established itself in the consciousness of customers, and the world in general, as the company that offers excellent quality of services, while demonstrating professional character in its activities.

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Product Design | © Caliber

The competitive advantage of the company is the offer of a complete range of services that cover aspects such as Branding, Graphic Design and Advertising with the necessary emphasis on Digital Marketing and Website Design while continuing its upward trend in the field of Interior Architecture and Decoration where The latest projects that have received many positive reviews are NissiBlue Spa (Ayia Napa), Artizan Hair Xperts (Paralimni), Gate Shop by San Siro (Paralimni).

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Website Design | © Caliber

It is a fact that today, most companies and organizations recognize that a professional Branding and Marketing, and consequently Digital with a strong Internet Presence, create an intangible asset for every business.

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Interior Design, Artizan | © Caliber

Therefore, CALIBER attaches great importance to creative thinking and design quality, logos of well-known companies such as OSEA, Intercity Buses, Nissi Blu Hotel, Napa Mermaid Hotel, Attica Holidays, PGS, La Mer Group etc. have been designed by CALIBER.

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Interior Design, NissiBlu | © Caliber

The Director of the company, Savvas Kyriakou, holds degrees - Communication & Graphic Arts, Journalism, Interior Architecture and Decoration and at postgraduate level Social Information Systems Design.

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Garden Kiosk Design | © Caliber

The digital services offered by the company have been successfully undertaken by Pavlidou Veronika, holder of two postgraduate degrees and, today, PhD candidate in Social Information Systems. The continuous investment in the training of the staff aims at the innovation, the productivity and consequently the competitive advantage of the company.

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Interior Design, Residential | © Caliber

Briefly the services:

  • Creating a Corporate Identity
  • Advertising (Printed & Digital)
  • Graphic Design
  • website design
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media)
  • Interior Architecture & Decoration

Some examples of services:

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Interior Design, Residential | © Caliber
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Exterior Design, Residential | © Caliber
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Interior Design, Gate by SanSiro ​​Sports | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber
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Design | © Caliber

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