They are building apartments in occupied Deryneia to house young couples

The housing development will include the provision of housing for Turkish Cypriots and settlers

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"Building development has started in the area of ​​occupied Deryneia and this worries us a lot," said the Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, on the "Morning Itinerary" radio show.

Speaking on state radio, he said that some apartments have begun to be built in the agriculturally fertile area behind occupied Kato Deryneia, less than a kilometer from the Deryneia roadblock.

Specifically, it clarifies that the works are being carried out "under the military area on the left side of the road and not where the houses of the Greek Cypriots were built before 1974. "It is possible that these blocks belong to Greek Cypriots, because there were no Turkish Cypriots in the area".

As Mr. Karagiannis explains, the development towards the Deryneia area is very worrying. "Erdogan and Tatar propose housing young couples, both Turkish Cypriots and settlers, with the aim of benefiting their supporters in the next election."

As he mentions, residential development is also taking place in the area of ​​the airport to Nicosia, as the area from Salamina to Trikomo is expensive.

Works, he adds, are also being done in the enclosed city of Famagusta, while they are planning to open the Ermou shopping street, the value of which the old businessmen know very well.

However, as Mr. Karagiannis notes, "right now the works have stopped because they ran out of limestone and they have problems with the contractor."