D. Papanikolaou: "Dimitris and I on the podium do not have a problem"

Former basketball player talks about acceptance, diversity, information and redemption

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From Cyprus with Dimitris who came out second in his category in triathlon with <typ>> athletes and with the permission of his mother and himself I told the crowd at the awards that he is on the autism spectrum.

And here we go to a lot serious issue called acceptance.

It is not possible to ask for acceptance from others if you have not accepted yourself or a member of your family.

When I WILL NOT SAY IT but the doctor you consult for the child, but at some point maybe close to adolescence he should learn why he is different.

If he does not learn it from his parents, he will learn it in a bad way from someone else, but if he has taken his shield and heard the word autism from lips that love him then he will know the reason for his difference.

Denied parents, or secretive parents in their circle, will chase a life behind the child so that no one will fool him.

The acceptance of the parents and the knowledge of the child is the first redemption.

It is not easy to get there, I imagine and I repeat, the child will be informed when the doctor that everyone consults says and not me because every case is different.

My parents still say well done for the power, it is not easy to say it etc.
I disagree vertically and horizontally.

It would be difficult for me to hear that I have an incurable disease.

It was very easy for me because I have worked as well no one can pierce my shield.
If someone makes fun of me from the moment I informed and I was redeemed, means that this person has a problem and is making fun of others to fill in their own gaps and has to go see it.

However, Dimitris and I on the podium do not have a problem.

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