D. Takkas: Brexit is not expected to affect tourism

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Brexit is not expected to affect the tourist movement from the United Kingdom to the Republic of Cyprus, Doros Takkas, President of the Pancyprian Hoteliers Association (PASYXE) of Famagusta, told KYPE.

Asked to mention how much Brexit affects the Cypriot tourism industry, Mr. Takkas expressed satisfaction because, as he explained, "according to the information we have so far, the tourist traffic from the United Kingdom to our island is not affected, since so far we have not seen to set any obstacles for travel to Cyprus and Europe in general. "Fortunately, you do not need a visa to visit Britain or other European countries and vice versa."

In this area, he continued: "it does not seem to exist and we do not expect any particular problems, but what no one knows is how much the UK will get back financially in Brexit. "A country facing economic problems, this is reflected in tourism as well as in other sectors."

PASYXE Famagusta, said Mr. Takkas "wants to have an economically strong Britain, with a strong pound, which should not be degraded so that its relationship with the euro is in harmony, without risks the tourist market of Cyprus to be considered accurate. However, the worst of all is that no one can do anything since with everything that is happening worldwide with the coronavirus pandemic, everything has been frozen ".

At the same time "hoteliers and entrepreneurs do not have to be able to do anything in the business part for the tourism sector and they are just all waiting for the developments with the vaccination. At the same time, the staff asks to be informed about what is happening with the hotels and the other companies that deal with the tourism sector, that is, if and when they will operate ".

This uncertainty that has existed since last year in tourism not only in Cyprus but also worldwide, concluded Doros Takkas "is the worst especially for the tourism sector, since nothing can be planned and can not be organized until most of them are vaccinated population at least in the countries of the European Union ".