Giovani group offers ten homes and equipment at the Famagusta Hospital

It has 10 residences for the purpose of accommodation of medical and paramedical staff

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A number of protective equipment was delivered today by the Giovani group to the General Hospital of Famagusta, as well as a letter informing about the availability of 10 houses for the purposes of accommodation of medical and paramedical staff.

In a post, the President of the group, Christakis Tziovanis states that “we owe a big thank you to all health professionals for the superhuman efforts they have been making in recent weeks in adverse conditions. Beyond that, the majority of patients are in Famagusta Hospital. We consider it our duty to stand by these people, to these modern heroes and to help them as much as we can in this endeavor. Such initiatives, in addition to contributing to equipment, also boost the morale of these people. We will continue to be by their side until we succeed. Warm thanks to our brothers in China, Mrs. Xiaoling Xie and her family for their tremendous help. ”

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