The Deryneia roadblock cannot be opened unilaterally, the Turkish side does not implement what has been agreed

DSC 8244 scaled Deryneia Roadblock
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The Deryneia roadblock cannot be opened unilaterally by the Turkish side, which has not yet implemented the agreed, ie the relocation of the Turkish outpost, a competent source told KYPE.

In the last few days, the reports in the Turkish Cypriot press for the opening of the roadblock tomorrow, Monday, have been increasing, however, in order for such a thing to happen, the consent of both sides is needed. The e / k side, which has completed the works in the area for a long time, made it clear that only by moving the Turkish outpost, as was agreed, the roadblock can operate.

"If they (the Turks) move the outpost, yes, the roadblock can be opened tomorrow as well," the same source told KYPE.

The United Nations told the KYPE on Friday that neither side had informed the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) that the Deryneia roadblock was being opened and repeated the same today. "There has been no change in the situation," the laconic statement said.

KYPE contacted the Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, who reiterated that we have been ready for months to open, as the works in the dead zone have been completed.

Mr. Karagiannis said that a meeting was held on Friday with the United Nations, which stated that they did not know anything official.

He confirmed that on Friday a lot of construction work was done in the area, which has not been done for so long. He estimated that probably what will happen tomorrow is that the projects will be completed by the Turkish Cypriot side.

"On Friday, a lot of work was done that had not been done for so long and with the naked eye we can see what is happening, the roadblock is only a hundred meters from the point where Famagusta Avenue stops. "It seems that there was an interconnection with electricity as well," he said.

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